Most people make dating harder because they're dating backward.

Dating backward means you're dating without knowing exactly what you want or where you want a relationship to lead. It shouldn't take you months or years to figure out if someone is right for you! It should take you 30 days or less to determine whether someone has potential to be a great partner or not.

My book, Dating Backward, will help you make better decisions about the people you date and who has potential to be a great match for you and who doesn't.

This book explains how to become crystal clear about what you want in your next relationship and how to avoid potential toxic relationships.

In It You’ll Explore:

The Four Cornerstones of Great Relationships and why they are important for a successful healthy relationship.

How to create your own personalized "Must Have" and "Deal Beaker" lists to keep you focused on what's important and avoid settling for less than extraordinary in your next relationship.

How to develop and maintain great communication, a key to all extraordinary relationships.

How to recognize a healthy relationship and avoid toxic relationships quickly before you invest too much time and emotional energy with the wrong person.

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“I wanted to let you know I really liked the book and I was dating a guy. It was wonderful and the time we had was so absolutely special. My guy didn’t break up with me, he passed away from a heart attack. I’m not telling you this for pity, I want you to know that your advice and insight helped me not fall into pitfalls and put clarity into dating. I miss him every day but it was worth it 100%. I really had the one people dream of. I’m thankful and grateful.”

 Nancy S.

“Rick, your book is an excellent read with much needed tools to use. I continue going back as a reference.” 

 Robin S.

Rick — I attended one of your Single Mingle Meetup. And purchased your book “Dating Backwards” on Kindle. Read it with great interest over the Christmas holidays. It really opened my eyes to the fact that I have been dealing with a Narcissistic person. I decided to end this already broken relationship and have decided to stay away from her for my own good and survival just as you articulated.” 


I started using Rick's philosophy about 3 years ago. With my deal-breaker list in my phone, I went on a lot of dates. Using my deal-breakers list, I did not waste the time or the energy, there were some very good women that I pass up but there was always a deal-breaker. I've been in a 2-year relationship now! She has been true to her word, and we have only had 1, yes only one, small misunderstanding. Stick to Rick plan have your deal-breaker list and keep away from sex until you know that the guy or the girl is the real deal and is true to their words. Thanks Rick

Tim G.

About Coach Rick

We've all made mistakes when it comes to dating and relationships. And God knows, I've made more than my share. It's nothing to be ashamed of as long as you learn from them.

Dating has changed so much in the past 20 years and it’s almost overwhelming at times. Where do you start? Should you try online dating or not? How do you stay safe and protect yourself?  

I’ve been exactly where you are. After ending a 25-year relationship with my ex-wife more than 10 years ago, I thought jumping back into the dating world would be a piece of cake. Boy, did I have a rude awakening!

It took me a couple of years just to figure out exactly what I want in my next relationship. Along the way I

started to recognize all the mistakes I’d made in the past, the red flags I’d missed or ignored, and some of the poor personal choices I’d made.  

I've spent nearly 40 years studying relationships. I've learned from my mistakes and learned much from the mistakes of others.

I wanted to share the best of what I've learned by co-authoring the book Dating Backward: A practical guide to dating and finding your soul mate. My hope is that I can help you make better decisions about the people you date and relationships you become part of.

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